Eurazjatycki projekt integracyjny Władimira Putina: szanse i zagrożenia

Andrzej Szabaciuk

ORCID: Andrzej Szabaciuk: 0000-0003-3413-7454

Strony: 75-96

Wydanie: Lublin 2014

DOI: --

Abstrakt: The following article is an attempt to present the characteristics of Vladimir Putin’s new integration project, i.e. the Eurasian Economic Union, putting emphasis on the issue of the EEU’s significance in the context of economic and political relations between the Russian Federation and the European Union. One of the fundamental research tasks is to present possible ideological grounds for the Eurasian project and to define the objective determinants promoting the integration of the former Soviet republics within the intended transnational structure. In the course of analysis, the essential differences between the integration model pursued by Moscow and its European equivalents are shown.