Litewsko-polska współpraca kulturalna w latach 1990-2015

Ieva Gajauskaitė

ORCID: Ieva Gajauskaitė:

Strony: 137-153

Wydanie: Lublin 2015

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Abstrakt: This article is a review of Lithuanian-Polish cultural cooperation in 1990-2015. The article is divided into five chapters, according to the tasks. The first task is to define the context of Lithuanian–Polish cultural cooperation after the restoration of independence. The second task is to describe the legal framework of Lithuanian-Polish cultural cooperation. The third task is to discuss the development of Polish and Lithuanian cultural policy model and cultural diplomacy. The fourth task is to analyse Lithuanian-Polish cultural cooperation from 1990 till 2015. The fifth task is to define the factors limiting and promoting Lithuanian–Polish cultural cooperation. Consequently, the first chapter is focused on the discussion of the context of the bilateral relations until 1994. In the second chapter, the legal base of the cultural cooperation between Lithuania and Poland is presented. In the third chapter, the models of Polish and Lithuanian cultural policy and the state of the cultural diplomacy are discussed. The fourth chapter is dedicated to the assessment of the achievements of Lithuanian–Polish cultural cooperation. In the fifth chapter, the main obstacles preventing Lithuania and Poland from deep and effective cultural cooperation are presented. The essential conclusions show that Lithuanian-Polish cultural cooperation is minimal and will remain so because of the different stages of the cultural policy development, incomparable cultural diplomacy capacities and different vectors of the cultural diplomacy and foreign cultural policy.