Koncepcja rozwoju inkluzywnego i jej realizacja w Europie Środkowo- -Wschodniej

Concept of Inclusive Development and Its Implementation in Central-Eastern Europe

Wojciech Kosiedowski

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Strony: 67-89

Wydanie: Lublin 2016

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Abstrakt: The article analyzes the process of deepening of socio-economic disparities in the modern world, with special emphasis on the situation in Central-Eastern Europe (CEE). It consists of the introduction, three parts and conclusions. The first part discusses the inequality as a global pattern that can bring very negative consequences for future development; second – includes, based on foreign literature, the presentation of basic issues of concept that is little known in Poland of inclusive development; third – the results of analysis of changes in socio-economic disparities and differences in profits and assets in 11 CEE countries. The article shows that both worldwide as and in Poland and other CEE countries there is an urgent need to implement into practice the principles of inclusive development.

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